Forecast and monitor cash flow in real-time

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Measure the impact of decisions on your cash flow

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Set automated alarms and notifications

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Real-time automated cash flow management

CashRocket enables you to forecast and monitor your cash flow and it’s key indicators (e.g., average payment time) in one central location in real-time and easy-to-understand dashboards!
To do so, CashRocket automatically connects to bookkeeping and bank accounts and import payroll and excel data, and consolidates all in one place with a few push of buttons.

Time Saved on Forecasting


Business decisions simulation using what-If scenarios

CashRocket enables you to simulate and measure the impact of different business decisions by changing your cash drivers using very easy-to-use what-if scenario sliders!
For example, you can investigate what-if you sell brand A, 20% more? or what-if you take a specific loan? or what-if you change your payment terms (e.g., payment time)? How do these decisions impact your cash flow position? All these can be easily analyzed by CashRocket.

accuracy Enhancement of forecasts



Automated Alarms & Notifications

CashRocket allows you to set thresholds on your cash indicators (e.g., > 10 overdue invoices) to receive automatic alerts and notifications before you go to the trouble!

Lower Risk on Cash flow position


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  • Real-time Cashflow Forecasts
  • Basic What-If Scenarios
  • Personalised Alerts
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  • All Basic and Standard Features
  • Detailed Cash in-out Analysis
  • Intelligent Benchmarking
  • Advanced Cash KPIs
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