Operate your cloud as a secure and reliable platform

Through our in-depth and specialized platform leadership and technology partnership

Some of the names that have worked with us before you

Shell N.V.

  • Host complex machine vision A.I. use cases
  • Run advanced Natural Language Processing A.I.
  • Accelerating the transition to Cloud and New Energies
  • Facilitating the intertwined energy and IT transition
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Toon for Eneco & Engie

  • Product of the year awarded in multiple countries
  • 100k + IoT smart home energy devices
  • Facilitated cloud and devops transition
  • Enable ML on utilities consumption across Europe
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“TBD - need to reach out and make agreement”.

Someone, tbd

"Nicolas has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful; not just with his role in the senior management team, but also with in-depth technical knowledge. They have literally repaid themselves in operational waste reductions alone.”

COO Quby B.V.

What to expect in 5 stages

1. Free Consultation

We will have a short 15 minute call. During this call we will get to know each other a bit. You will learn about us and our expertise, and we will learn about you business and what we might be able to help with.

2. Strategy Session

In this session we will cover in-depth the outcomes that we believe we can help you achieve, and what value this could bring to your organization.

3. Defining bespoke services

With the entire group of stakeholders and decision makers we will define the scope, timeline and cost of the bespoke service offering.

4. Onboarding

With an agreement on the table, it's time to kickstart our efforts and collaboration! Time to roll up the sleeves and get some work done.

5. Measure & Steer

On an agreed interval we will collectively evaluate the progress towards the goals set for you platform. Are we progressing on schedule? do we need to adapt the strategy or approach? Are things going great and is it time to define the next round of improvements to tackle?

Minimize your time to value

We help you surpass the hurdles you are facing in executing a mature cloud operating model, and enable new levels of developer velocity and productivity
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